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Featured on OPRAH daily Oct 2022
EASTWOOD featured in Cosmo 2022
If you missed our Live IG segment on the June & Summer Show you can watch us here. (*we come right on after designer Sergio Hudson)
Bomb Designer Spotlight:
Debbie Lorenzo of Frances Grey Hats Available on Fashion Bomb Daily Shop
We Loved writing this story and learning about Debbie Lorenzo, the owner of @frances.grey • Her love for her family and craft emanates from the photos! • Read about the inspiration for her brand at
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A Maker Moment
A Maker Moment is a glimpse into the minds and lives of some of our favorite makers we’ve gotten to know over the years. 
Please meet our friend and amazing milliner Debbie Lorenzo of @frances.grey.
Please click the link to learn more. Enjoy!
During this episode, Debbie will share powerful insights about finding herself again. She shares her story of being a young mom and after a very tough divorce having to reinvent herself including ways she created long-lasting change. Learn why putting yourself first is a priority and improves your happiness and overall productivity. Find out what to do when you don’t know what to do and prevent fear from stopping you from living your best life.